Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions that amount to nothing?

Are you tired of feeling broken or as if something is wrong with you or your body? 

Are you ready for true transformation?

Are you ready to learn the signals and messages your body is saying?

Are you ready to Master Yourself?

Do you wish to have a life of love, joy, happiness, peace and ecstasy?

Do you wish to travel the world or live in a new country?

Do you wish to manifest with ease?
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Imagine a life where you feel loved, you are love, you travel to wherever you want to go, you have the job and family of your dreams, with lots of fun, peace and true happiness.

This year-long series is overflowing with amazing teachers and healers with incredible lessons of how to master your life and live a life of purpose with joy, love, pleasure and inner peace.

Prandhara’s mission is to assist in the transformation of many lives all over the world and introduce you to as many healers as possible in order for you to expand even more and learn different modes for transformation from Tantra, Shamanism, Plant Medicine, Voice, Guided Meditation, Qi Gong, Sex Education, and Energy Work. 

Come be inspired! Come learn!  Let’s grow together!

Are you curious about how to live a life of true freedom? Or how to bounce back after facing adversity in your life?

Are you ready to truly understand and love yourself and improve your relationships?

The Bootcamp investment is $197 per month.  You can have the option of month to month or do the year where you can reap the benefits of all the teachers, healers and coaches along with monthly meditations and journaling for true change.  Once paying per year you will receive all videos no matter when you join from January to December.  Month to month you will only have access to the month in which you pay.  To pay in full for the full 12 months you receive a great discount and only pay $1797.

Say yes to yourself.  Let go of any fears and prepare to live the life you want. You choose to waste $197 on food and alcohol or you can invest $197 to have a more fulfilled life.  You choose to waste $197 on an expensive purse to satisfy an emptiness inside or you can invest $197 to release that emptiness.  You can waste $197 on pills to make you feel better on a superficial level or you can invest $197 to learn techniques that will truly make you feel better for the long-term.  We all have choices in life.  If this resonates with you, then choose yourself. Choose the truth!


  • A stronger connection to your body
  • Increased self-love
  • Feeling whole and complete
  • Increased energy
  • More stamina
  • More productive at work
  • Increasing potential to manifest what you want in life
  • Increased intimacy and connection
  • Feeling satisfied
Meet your guides!
Kamau will grace us with his presence on January 27, 2020 to discuss Qi Gong, Expanded Self Awareness & Living the Mysteries.

Linh will grace us with her presence on February 24, 2020 to enlighten us with tools to synchronize the Breath, Energy and Movement in order to connect to the Sacred Space and Flow of Life.

Nefertiti will grace us March 30, 2020 to share her knowledge on how to find Centering and Empowerment through Afro-Brazilian Philosophies and Cultural Practice.

Gabrielle will grace us on April 27, 2020 with guided meditation with sound healing for release of negative thought patterns.

Tresa will grace us on May 18, 2020, for THIS IS THE PROCESS: Not your step by step cookie process!

Monisha will grace us June 29, 2020 to share how to have a healthier mind, body and spirit through internal cleansing.

Tafari will grace us on July 27, 2020 with the power of stillness, quiet, & self care.

Diane will grace us August 31, 2020 to share how to navigate consent during sexy time,  conscious breath and pleasure and all about the pleasure anatomy.

Manifest Ra will grace us on September 28, 2020 to help us reach self-mastery via Inner G Cultivation.

Tosh will grace us on October 26, 2020 to help us reach self-mastery via RADICAL SELF-CARE: How to Create Your Work Less Calendar Ritual.

June “Jumakae” will grace us on Nov 30, 2020 with The Alchemy of Story: Turning Your Mess into a Message.


Tomeekha will grace us with her presence on Dec. 28, 2020 to guide us on Self Mastery through Accessing Your Inner Wisdom through Silence.

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